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Beaverstock to Whale Rock: Why the name change?

By now, I’m sure most of you have heard about the “cease and desist” order we received from Woodstock asking us to stop using the name, logo etc for our festival “Beaverstock.” Upon receiving the notice we were bummed but we weren’t completely shocked as we had a feeling something like this may happen eventually. We have put so much heart and soul into Beaverstock and its development over the past 4 years and our biggest fear was changing the name could set us back or give the impression that something drastic had changed about the event, which is NOT the case.


After many discussions with our lawyer and amongst ourselves we decided not to fight the order and to pursue a new name. Many of you have written us asking us why we aren’t fighting it etc and the best answer I can give is that fighting the name is a costly endeavor win or lose and the purpose of our festival is to raise money for our local community. Spending that money fighting the name change just didn’t seem like it aligned with our mission.

Having said that, we decided to change the name to “Whale Rock Music & Arts Festival” as the festival takes place in the heart of our beloved Whale Rock Vineyard & Ranch. The ranch got its name from the plethora of petrified whale bones scattered throughout the property that date back millions of years to a time when Templeton was under the ocean! The vineyard is also the site of our very popular Whale Rock Disc Golf Course.

We know many of you loved the “Beaverstock” name and may continue to use it, we only ask moving forward for your support and help getting the word out about the change. Nothing about the festival is changing aside from the name and 2017 is looking to be the best one yet! Tell your friends what you know and come help us keep the Whale Rock Music & Arts Festival alive for years to come!