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The Biggest Little Fair Anywhere . . .

For any of you who may have grown up in Paso Robles, you can probably agree that the Paso Robles Mid-State Fair is a very distinct part of the summer here, bringing with it many memories and the only traffic jams Paso Robles ever experiences! Although I rarely attend the Fair these days, I have many fond memories of extreme heat, crazy rides, farm animals and plenty of junk food! I even saw one of my first big concerts at the Fair, which opened a whole new side of the experience to me. Before that moment I don’t think I even knew there was anything else to do at the Fair besides go on rides and stuff my face with churros. The older I’ve gotten I have discovered there a lot of things at the Fair I never paid much attention to and though I still rarely go, mainly due to the crowds and the heat, I can now appreciate how much a part of Paso Robles the Mid-State Fair is, especially for the wine industry.

This year Castoro is very involved at the fair and many of our wines did very well in the Mid-State Fair Wine Competition! One wine in particular, our 2008 Primitivo, did especially well bringing in a Gold medal and a “Best of Class” honor. On the evening of the 27th our winemaker Tom Myers was at the fair presenting our Primitivo for Italian grapes flight night in the Mission Plaza and this coming Friday Mikel and Sherry, our assistant wine-makers, will be doing “live in the Fair vines” from 4-6pm with the KRUSH 92.5 for Zinfandel night at the Fair. Over the years the local wine industry has become more and more involved in the Fair and more and more people are now coming to the Fair for wine-based events. To me this relationship is wonderful and shows how much Paso Robles has grown with the wine industry and vice versa. Hopefully in years to come this relationship will continue to grow and more and more people will discover the wine side of the Fair! With that said, give our 2008 Primitivo a try and see for yourself what all rage is about! (I promise you won’t be disappointed!)