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Tognazzini’s Dockside Restaurant!

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If you love the beach, wine, live music and food then Tognazzini’s Dockside restaurant and fish market in Morro Bay is the place for you! Over the weekend my girlfriend and I took our puppy Izzy down to the beach to play and after a couple hours of running wild in the sand we decided it was time for a snack and some wine. Some good friends of ours frequently hang out at Tognazzini’s on the weekends and we thought we’d see if we could catch them.

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Even though we are in the midst of winter, the weather this weekend was very pleasant and sitting outside with a view of Morro rock was a must! When we pulled up to Tognazzini’s, we noticed our friends were there and live music was playing! To give you a visual, Tognazzini’s is located right on the Bay with a spectacular view of the Rock and wonderful outdoor seating. You can also choose between their restaurant and the fish market dubbed “Dockside Too.” Both locations carry Castoro wines and have views of the rock and bay. On this outing we opted for “Dockside Too” or the fish market, as our friends were there and the music was flowing.

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You can find live music at Tognazzini’s every Saturday and Sunday and in my experience the music is always laid back and perfect for the atmosphere. As for the food, the options range from simple seafood to whole cooked crab and more. I am a huge fan of the fish tacos and in my opinion you really can’t go wrong if you try them out. You can have them grilled or fried and both are tasty but I almost always go with grilled. Add a little fresh lemon and salsa and you’ve got yourself quite a compliment to Castoro Chardonnay!

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If you’re looking for a great place to soak in the coastal vibe and mingle with friends, Dockside Too has everything you need (dog friendly as well), if you’re looking for a nice seafood dinner then the Dockside Restaurant is definitely the spot. I really can’t recommend this place enough, as the people, food and atmosphere are all great!

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See you at the Beach!