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“Due Mila Nove” is in the bottle!

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After a very long (and worthwhile) wait, we are proud to continue our “Due Mila” series with the upcoming release of our “Due Mila Nove” blend. The “Due Mila” series, which translates to “Two Thousand” in English, is a blend we started with the new millennium and continued year after year. The name “Due Mila Nove” translates to 2009 and marks our 9th edition of the millennium blend series and is not a reference to the wine’s vintage, which is 2012. As with all of the “Due Mila” releases the “Due Mila Nove” is a Bordeaux blend meaning it only contains wine from grapes that originate in the Bordeaux region of France. The blend on this particular release is 55% Malbec, 32% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 13% Petit Verdot with an alcohol of 14.4%.

This particular blend is a very exciting one for us as the 2012 vintage was very strong in Paso and these wines showed great aging potential. As a result, this “Due Mila Nove” was aged for over two years (26 months) on French and American oak, making it possibly our longest barrel aged wine ever! The profile of the wine is a very nice balance of fruit, oak and tannin with wonderful potential for extended aging in your cellar. I was fortunate enough to try the wine for the first time a few nights ago and I was truly amazed with the fullness and depth of flavor. This is not a wine you’ll want to miss!

Due to the uniqueness of this release we decided to revamp the packaging as well and truly commemorate the beauty of this wine. Hence, the “Due Mila Nove,” will be our second blend to be in a screen-printed bottle, with the first being our anniversary series. This is truly an elegant wine and we feel our new package reflects the elegance, quality and distinction of this limited release blend. Case production on this release is very low so you’ll want to make sure and get this while you can so stay tuned for the upcoming release.

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On another note, this past weekend we hosted a wonderfully successful blending party entitled “Make Your Own Dam Wine” where wine club members were able to make and bottle their own blends using nothing other than Castoro Cellars “Dam Fine Wine.” Members also got to vote on our next “Dam Fine Red Wine” blend that will be released later this year. This kind of collaboration and fun is what makes our wine club such a unique experience and is what keeps us loving what we do!