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Since 1989, Castoro Bottling has served wineries throughout California, in areas such as Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Ynez, Temecula, Santa Barbara county and more, with a fleet of high tech mobile bottling lines. The demand for their timely, professional and knowledgeable service has seen them bottle over 60 million bottles of wine. If you lined those bottles end-to-end, they'd reach from Paso Robles, California to Bordeaux and back!

Owner Niels Udsen is a winery owner who got into the bottling business when he recognized the need for a mobile bottling service in his local area of Paso Robles, CA. "When I started Castoro Cellars, there were a handful of us winery owners in Paso Robles who were scratching our heads about the best way to bottle our product," he said. "Basically, I just asked a few of my winery friends if they'd use a mobile wine bottler if I created it, and they all said yes. So, I started the business." Over 25 years later, Castoro Bottling is still going strong.

Nowadays, Castoro Bottling has a fleet of five technologically advanced mobile bottling lines that arrive on your property, on your schedule, to service all of your bottling needs. Castoro Bottling can bottle up to 2500 cases per day and service wineries with any amount of bottling needs. ("The only limit is the number of days in a year!" says Niels.) We offer a number of custom services, including velcorin dosing, Liquid Nitrogen Dosing, labeling and packaging consultation.

"Our investment in the best equipment and the best people to run that equipment is what sets Castoro Bottling apart," said Niels. "We anticipate the needs of a winery better than any other bottler simply because I have owned and operated a successful winery for nearly 30 years. Castoro Bottling is a partner who knows and understands your business."

For more information about Castoro Bottling, give us a call at (805) 467-2002

"SVP Winery has used Castoro Bottling for over ten years. After trying several bottlers, we settled exclusively on Castoro Bottling because of their excellent and consistent service, their experienced personnel and their efficient and cost effective equipment."
Sam Balakian, President, SVP Winery
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