Bottle Clean/Sparge
One of the key features offered by Castoro Bottling Co. is the ability to de-dust, vacuum, clean, and inert gas sparge.

During this process, air is shot into the bottle, dislodging all traces of dust. The air and dust are then vacuumed out and nitrogen is added to the bottle.

This process protects the wine, ensuring quality and purity.

Filling & Corking
CBC utilizes Stone Fillers, which are known for their low oxygen pick-up and consistency of fill. The new lines have multiple head-corkers to help ensure better cork handling.

We were the first mobile wine bottling line equipped for screwcap closures. Liquid nitrogen dosing available for the head space.

CBC has the ability to handle tin capsules, poly-laminate capsules and heat-shrink capsules.

CBC bottling lines feature pressure sensitive capabilities front & back and the ability to handle many label sizes. Equipped for both single and duel web spools.

Pressure Sensitive
Ability to handle both single & dual web spools Note: Dual-web label application ensures more accurate placement when using tapered bottles.

187ml Bottling
Castoro mobile wine bottling has the rare ability to bottle 187ml bottles.

Velcorin Dosing
When needed Castoro bottling can provide mobile velcorin dosing.

Case Taping
Case boxes are taped and sealed as they exit the trailer. Bottle Speeds/Capabilities 55-90 bottles per minute, depending on which line is used 1500-2500 cases per day

We can provide skilled labor for the line to ensure a smooth and headache free day of bottling.

ZORK® STL Peel and Reseal Closures

Peel and reseal closure alternative wine closures that preserves quality and freshness while maintain the integrity of the wine inside.  (GPI 185 Standard cork finish bottle)

"Castoro Bottling is incredibly professional. There is never a major crisis, because when there is a problem, they know exactly how to fix it. They've seen it all because they've been in business for so long. With the new line, it is such a clean operation. They know those machines inside and out. We bottle 80,000 cases with them, 40 days a year, and I'm really glad we have them to work with so I don't have to worry about it."
Jim Adelman, Au Bon Climat
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