Castoro has been doing our bottling for quite a few years, even though we are a very small producer with multiple changes every bottling. Castoro Bottling personnel are great to work with, and are very professional, hard working and knowledgeable. Thank you Niels and crew, for helping to take some stress out of our bottling each year.
Bill and Teresa Hinrichs
Ranchita Canyon Vineyards

Castoro Bottling is incredibly professional. There is never a major crisis, because when there is a problem, they know exactly how to fix it. They've seen it all because they've been in business for so long. With the new line, it is such a clean operation. They know those machines inside and out. We bottle 80,000 cases with them, 40 days a year, and I'm really glad we have them to work with so I don't have to worry about it.
Jim Adelman
Au Bon Climat

SVP Winery has used Castoro Bottling for over ten years. After trying several bottlers, we settled exclusively on Castoro Bottling because of their excellent and consistent service, their experienced personnel and their efficient and cost-effective equipment.
Sam Balakian
President, SVP Winery

Everyone knows the importance and preparation for mobile bottling dates. Niels and Castoro Bottling have earned straight “A’s” for performance, equipment quality, and attendance for all of our mobile bottling needs. The operators know their lines and use their heads, can’t ask for more.
Larry Gomez
Winemaker, Lockwood Vineyards, Customer since 2004

I am very happy with the professional and quality service Castoro has provided Opolo Vineyards. Communication and follow through has been excellent. The Castoro bottling crew has proven to be punctual and dependable for many years. I would highly recommend this mobile service to get the job done correctly and on time.
Chris Apra
Opolo Wines

We've used Castoro Bottling since 1989. I have always been pleased with their level of service. Niels stands behind his product, and his staff is very knowledgeable.
Chuck Mulligan
Harmony Cellars

For the six years I have been working with Castoro Bottling the staff and bottling line have been professional, efficient and service oriented.
Kevin Sass
Justin Winery and Vineyards